Sz1: Museum Lights
48 pages
31 x 21 cm, edition 200, offset print

Dear Reader, 

In the first upcoming volumes, I will present my own approach to making photos beginning with “Museum Lights”. This project directs the attention exclusively towards the empty (dark) sections of classical paintings in the Gemäldegalerie in Berlin, photographed with a long-focus lens. The paintings are about a half millennium old yet are still cherished by people and viewed as the ‘real deal’ of art, with painters like Rembrandt and Vermeer. 

For me personally, these old masterpieces have never been a trigger for my art interest. So when I began visiting the Gemäldegalerie regularly it was more a way of relaxation in the cool and quiet atmosphere of the museum, often after spending the night in the darkness of the techno club Berghain. Here black can be seen as a cultural code and a symbol of seduction, away from the everyday life on the outside. 

Very soon when in the museum I began to look at those parts of the paintings where there was only emptiness, often in the garments or the spaces between figures. In this empty darkness dust and cracks in the surface becomes more evident, in a way a purer form of historic aura. The museum of symbolic storytelling became The museum of abstraction, where there is only light and darkness, also the essence of photography. 

The results are in your hands: pairs of black and grey images where the colors from the museum lights interact with the dark and dusty surfaces of the paintings. These new works can bring you from the age of classical painting to the age of photography, creating a feedback loop. The original titles are listed towards the end, in no particular order.